mastDecide: clinical mastitis test

What is mastDecide?

mastDecide is a rapid cowside test that allows you to treat mastitis in an informed manner!

It is an innovative product that helps the dairy farmer in choosing the right treatment for mastitis cases. Its main advantage is that it is a simple and quick test that can be performed on-farm.

By identifying if the bacterial group is Gram positive, Gram negative or No growth, this test helps make an evidence-based decision and therefore reduces the use of unnecessary intramammary antibiotics, and thus lowers the associated costs.

The mastDecide clinical tests are the fastest solution to identify on-farm the types of bacteria found in mastitis. Developed in Germany at the University of Hanover, this test allows the producers to get reliable results, right at the farm! With the long-term savings they provide, the test and equipment are a winning investment!

Why get a starter kit?

  • The test reduces the use of unnecessary intra-mammary antibiotics.
  • Results are precise and quick (12 to 14 hours).
  • Results are easy to read and interpret.
  • Long-term, the results help identify the bacterial group more prevalent in your dairy.
  • The test is a good economic investment.
  • Long shelf life, over 9 months.

Test procedure

The test procedures are simple. Follow the steps below.

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